CV Joint Replacement

CV Joint Replacement

We have the facilities to do cv joint replacement.

Constant Velocity Joint or CV joints are attached to each end of a drive shaft.

The CV joints are needed to transfer the torque at a constant speed to the steering wheels, as well as to accommodate up and down motions of the suspension. You will find CV joints in all front-wheel drive cars. Many rear and four-wheel drive cars have CV joints, as well. The CV joint is packed with grease and protected by rubber or plastic boots. It does not require any maintenance and is supposed to last, provided that the protective boot is not damaged.

There are two most commonly used types of CV joints:

Different variations of ball-type CV joints are commonly used on the outer side of the drive shaft, while tripod-type CV joints mostly used on the inner side. The most common problem with the CV joints is when the protective boot gets damaged. Once this happens, the grease comes out and the moisture and dirt is allowed in, eventually causing the CV joint to fail due to lack of lubrication and corrosion.

If a damaged boot is diagnosed early, simply replacing the CV joint boot and repacking the CV joint with fresh grease may rectify the problem. If you continue driving with a broken boot, the CV joint or a whole drive shaft will need to be replaced. In worst case scenario, the CV joint may disjoin, causing the vehicle to stop running. A clicking or popping noise when turning, are the major indications of CV joint problems.

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