Shock Absorbers Replacement

Shock Absorbers Replacement

In need of Shock Absorbers Replacement? Your shock absorbers are not normally checked when your vehicle is serviced. Did you know, that if your car has done more than 60 000 km’s, your shocks are most likely worn out, but because most people never check them, they never know about this. We at Superior Car Clinic will check the shocks and inspect them for any damage.

Consider this, if you are driving a car that’s a few years old, it’s possible, even likely, that your shocks have never been checked. That’s a risk. When you need to suddenly brake or swerve, you may find that your car no longer handles, as it should and you could be the cause of an accident. If you are involved in a collision, you may even face the risk of your insurance being revoked (since your insurer requires that your vehicle is properly maintained).

A basic shock test and inspection takes a few minutes. Come and see us and make sure that you aren’t putting yourself and your family at risk. We can replace these and ensure that your car is kept roadworthy and safe.

Call Superior Car Clinic for a free quotation for an inspection and possible replacement of your vehicles shock absorbers!

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